children gown

Patient Gown for Children.
The most important features : It is used once, it helps to prevent the spread of bacteria, such as in woven fabrics, for example, and to keep the wound of patients from contamination and exposure to harmful microbes.
Sizes : Manufactured from different sizes l & xl & xxl & xxxl & M.
The material : Various weights of materials from 20 to 60 g.
Packing : One piece in the inner bag.
Colors : Available in different colors, including blue and pink, as desired by the customer.
The medical class who can benefit from the product Is it a product for doctors or patients ?
For patients.
When to use the product ? (The operation ? After the operation ? And so on)
Operations The idea of ​​non-woven materials came to replace woven fabrics and because of this idea many advantages we mentioned and became generalized everywhere except for the few who use fabrics and this idea of ​​fighting infection and reducing the time, cost and labor used in it .