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Disposable Lab Coat
Disposable Lab Coat
Disposable Medical Coat

Disposable medical protective clothing manufactured from non-woven materials with the highest degree of technology as it is manufactured from several layers to reach in some products to 6 layers of raw which helps to increase the thickness of the raw material because of the lack of blood, alcohol and fluids. We see that they are bacteria because they are chemically treated against being The bacteria is environmentally friendly.

the use

the coat is used in many areas, including the prevention of viruses and microbes in various places, including official places such as ports, and quarantine places. It is also used in farms, factories, hotels.


Made of different sizes L & XL & XXL & XXXL & M.


Different weights of materials from 20 g to 60 g.


One piece in the inner bag.


Available in different colors, including blue and pink, according to the customer's desire.

The beneficiary category of the product

Hospitals, radiology centers, beauty and slimming clinics, and dental clinics.

Is the product for doctors or patients ?

The product is used by doctors.