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Disposable Gown For Doctor

One of the most important and most dangerous factors for a doctor’s success in his job is wearing it. The doctor’s clothes are a secret of success and safety at the same time without the slightest doubt and so we decided to work out a product for the doctor in which success factors are available for any doctor who can help him in carrying out his profession with comfort, confidence and reassurance so we made our doctor’s product with unique characteristics and that For the convenience of the doctor and the availability of the highest levels of safety that exist in the product, which is at the same time a safety factor for the parties to the surgical procedure, the doctor and the patient alike.

What is The Doctor Gown ?

Gown doctor provided by Naltex Factory for medical clothes. They specialize in manufacturing all medical clothes for one time use, all products for one time use, and it is made of non-woven fabrics of SM. "SMS": All products of the factory are sterilizable, whether by steam, autoclave, ethylene oxide or through gamma rays.

Component of Doctor Gown One Time Use

Gown Doctor uses one-time factory made of high-quality non-woven fabric SMS, and manufactured with the highest percentage of technology, manufactured from several layers.

The advantages of doctor Gown once use

Not permeability of alcohol, blood, or any liquids to the patient
Bacterial treatment
Air permitting
A friend of the environment.

Forms of Gown doctor use one time

Doctor Gown has a white bracelet and bracelet with a product and a strap behind the neck or four belt and a strap behind the neck or a Scotch patch.

Doctor's Gown sizes

Manufactured in different sizes, M & L & XL & XXL * XXXL. It can also be manufactured according to customer requirements. This is what distinguishes the Naltex factory. It has the most skilled workers trained to sew and execute all the required details.

Doctor Gown materials

Available in a material of different weights from 20 to 60 g.


There is one piece in the packing bag, either in plastic or cardboard bales.

Doctor Gown colors use one time

Sky blue and dark blue.

Doctor Gown Use

Doctor Gown is used in hospitals, radiology centers, as well as beauty and slimming clinics. It is widely used in operations or before entering operations and after completing surgeries.

The most important advantages of doctor Gown once use

It is used once disposable and this helps to prevent the spread of bacteria spreading woven clothes.
The doctor keeps the harmful bacteria from reaching him or to the parties to the surgery.
Also, the material made of it is characterized as being treated to be against the formation of bacteria on it.
Plant against blood, fluid and alcohol leakage. It is characterized by air permeability and is composed of three layers.

For whom did the doctor gown use one time and what time is it used ?

Physician Gown is used for doctors as well as for visitors, and is used in hospitals, as well as radiology center, cosmetic clinics and slimming clinics, it is used frequently in operations and after operations and during ophthalmology.

What are the reasons for your dealings with the Naltex Medical Clothes Factory ?

• Naltex products are ISO 13485 certified, certified by US donors
• We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of medical clothes for one time use and protective clothing for workers using one time
• Honesty, accuracy of appointments, and speedy implementation of specific requests
• Availability of large quantities of products offered by Hyundai, any large orders at any time
• Deposit the order amount in the bank in the name of the factory
• The possibility of shipping anywhere through well-known shipping companies
• Good insurance for the product in its usual condition when it is shipped anywhere