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One of the most important and most dangerous factors for prevention success is protective clothes, including a coverall     It is one of the secrets of success and safety at the same time for the idea of ​​prevention without the slightest doubt, and for that we decided to work on an coverall product that meets the success factors for any lead to this profession and who can help him in performing his profession with comfort, confidence and reassurance     So we made our coverall product with unique characteristics, for the wearer's comfort and the availability of the highest levels of safety that are present in the product, which is at the same time a safety factor for both parties.

components coverall

Coverall is a one-time use of high-quality non-woven fabrics Non-woven fabric PP / SMS, manufactured with the highest percentage of technology, manufactured from several layers .

Coverall Advantages

Not permeability of alcohol, blood, or any liquids to the patient
Protection from some mild liquid spots
Dust protection
Bacterial treatment
Air permitting
A friend of the environment .

What is coverall ?

Coverall is provided by Naltex Factory for medical clothing, they are specialized in manufacturing all medical clothes for one time use, all products for one time use, which is of non-woven fabric All products of the plant are sterilizable, whether by autoclave steam, ethylene oxide, or through gamma rays.

Coverall types

• Zipper: nylon over cue policies
• Rubber: Neoprene rubber
• Handcuffs: In cooperation
• Thread: Polyester This product does not contain ingredients made of natural rubber.

Coverall sizes

Manufactured in different sizes M & L & XL & XXL * XXXL It can also be manufactured according to customer requirements, and this is what distinguishes the Naltex factory. It has the most skilled workers trained to sew and execute all the required details .

Coverall matrial

available Weights varying from 25 to 50 g.


There is one piece in the packing bag inside the carton.

Carton size


Coverall colors one time use

white It can also be made from other colors, such as blue and dark blue .

Coverall use

Coverall is used in factories, farms, airports, quarantine places, border outlets and hospitals.

The most important advantages of coverall one time use

• It is used once disposable and this helps to prevent the spread of bacteria spreading woven clothes
• It protects the person from access to harmful bacteria or viruses
• The material that is made of it is characterized as being treated to be against the formation of bacteria on it.
• Plant against blood, fluid and alcohol spills
• Fully air permeable

What are the reasons for your dealings with the Naltex Medical Clothes Factory ?

• Naltex products are ISO 13485 certified, certified by US donors
• We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of medical clothes for one time use and protective clothing for workers using one time
• Honesty, accuracy of appointments, and speedy implementation of specific requests
• Availability of large quantities of products offered by Hyundai, any large orders at any time
Deposit the order amount in the bank in the name of the factory
• The possibility of shipping anywhere through well-known shipping companies
• Good insurance for the product in its usual condition when it is shipped anywhere