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Disposable Isolation Gown SMS 22 Gsm Disposable Isolation Gown SMS 22 Gsm

Disposable Isolation Gown SMS 22 Gsm

Disposable Surgical Isolation Gowns Are Used When There Is A Medium Or High Risk Of Contamination And The Need For Traditional Surgical Gowns. Surgical Isolation Gowns Are Regulated, Such As Surgical Gowns. All Areas Of The Surgical Isolation Gown Except For The Laces, Cuffs And Edges Are Considered Critical Areas Of Protection And Must Meet The Highest Level Of Protection From The Fluid Barrier For Which The Garment Is Classified. All Materials Should Have The Same Liquid Barrier Protection As The Rest Of The Garment.

Code Width Height Material Price
14 150 120 sms 6.5 EG

Specifications of Isolation Gown


1 - A complete medical wear that is insulated to prevent the arrival of microparticles, bacteria, viruses, blood and dust.

2 - It is used in hospitals, places of isolation and quarantine. It is used for prevention and is also used in hotels to prevent food contamination.
3 - Made of polypropylene, it is environmentally friendly and can only be used once.

4 - Isolation gown is considered the most important protective clothing and protective clothing that is indispensable in medical, industrial and service facilities.

5 -
We can implement the protective Gown with the specifications requested by the client in terms of length, width and grams.

6 - We have the ISO 13485 certificate for the medical clothing industry.

7 - There is shipping to all governorates inside and outside Egypt.