About Us

Naltex Medical Disposable Clothes Factory is a contributor of Disposable clothing, including medical disposable clothing and workwear.

The goal of the Naltex factory is to serve the customers of the various medical sector, by providing high quality and competitive prices for products, in addition to the fact that the Naltex factory works with a professional team at the highest level of technical and administrative experience to provide the most efficient service for the benefit of our customers while achieving the highest standards of integrity To ensure product quality.

our vision

We at Naltex for medical clothing are always striving for continuous improvement to maintain our position and leadership in the medical sector inside Egypt as well as outside in the Middle East and Africa. As well as meeting market requirements in terms of product quality and the balance between that and the right price

our mission

Providing the best products according to international quality standards in the field of medical clothing and providing the highest possible level of services with a commitment to meeting the needs of our customers and trying to solve their problems quickly and effectively. As our first task is to satisfy our customers by providing high quality products.