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Product Shipping Policy

We at Naltex Medical Clothing always strive to inform our customers of the full details of the product and its specifications, and one of the matters of concern to the customer is also how to ship the products, so here you will find most of the answers to the shipping process inside and outside Egypt. Please note that product prices do not include shipping fees within Egypt, and when ordering products, please pay attention to that.

Shipping inside Egypt

As for shipping products from medical clothing inside Egypt, this is done by internal shipping companies according to the customer’s data sent to us when ordering the product or by contacting us. The products are shipped on the same day from the date of completing the purchase process, and the products are usually delivered within a maximum of two days, unlike Holidays, and the prices displayed on the site do not include shipping costs, and you can contact us for additional details through various means of communication such as e-mail, or through the WhatsApp application, or by calling via phone.

International Shipping

We at Naltex Medical Clothing are always happy to meet the needs of our customers all over the world, so please note that shipping medical products inside Egypt differs from abroad in terms of distance, ie. in any country of the customer. The weight of the order may vary according to the shipping cost in terms of weight, so please pay attention to these matters when ordering the product or contacting us so as not to cause any problems to the customer. We at Naltex always strive to meet the requirements of our customers.

Do you need help ?

If you need assistance or inquiries about the shipping process or anything else, you can contact us on the following means. E-mail : sales@naltexweb.com
Whatsapp: 2001118434812+
Phone: 2001118434812+